Plapla Pinky at Villette Sonique on Saturday 25th May

A great piece of news that is sure to please a good number of you: Plapla Pinky are playing at the Villette Sonique festival on Saturday 25th May at 7pm.

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Stars of the label Tokyo Fun Party, the organiser of some of the most popular parties in the capital, Chimidoro are turning electronica on its head. With an original line-up of 1 DJ, 1 bass player and 2 MCs, Chimidoro are unrelentingly effective. DJ Funk and the radical Chicago mix of techno and hip-hop known as Ghetto House, was their starting point. Deliberate dabblers, they use schoolboy humour to transform Ghetto House into feverish and communicative second-degree electro rap.

Chimidoro means “bloody” and is a reference to a gang of bikers who appeared in Kinpachi Sensei, a Japanese high school TV series in the Seventies and Eighties. 3 young high school students, Nao Suzuki, Kusumoto and Miyama decided at the time that one day they would form their own gang called Chimidoro. The years went by and at university, Nao Suzuki got into Chicago and Detroit techno/house (Underground Resistance). He bought his first sampler and started to play around with electronic compositions.

Nao Suzuki played DJ Funk to his friends Kusumoto and Miyama and got them hooked in. Kusumoto’s cheek and Miyama’s chat went superbly with Nao’s electronic rhythms. They decided to get a band together rather than a bikers’ gang, but kept the name Chimidoro. They mimicked Ghetto House as closely as they could, but as they didn’t understand English, Kusumoto and Miyama looked for Japanese equivalents to the sounds of English words. Several concerts later, Ichinomiya (bass guitar) joined the group.

By the time they released their first album Minna no Uta on Tokyo Fun Party in 2007, the group had already existed for more than ten years. The members of Chimidoro have grown up and got jobs: they build buildings and IT networks, work on Internet search engines and do graphics for ads. Their reputation is growing but they aren’t getting carried away. The band is both a pretext for coming together among friends and an outlet for their everyday frustrations. Chimidoro don’t really take themselves seriously and don’t go all out for originality either. At the same time, there’s an unequalled freshness about their playful, knackering electronica that they know just how to put across on stage.

© 2008 text: Franck Stofer, translation: Jack Sims, photo: Eric Bossick

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