Plapla Pinky at Villette Sonique on Saturday 25th May

A great piece of news that is sure to please a good number of you: Plapla Pinky are playing at the Villette Sonique festival on Saturday 25th May at 7pm.

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V/A: Minna No Ie (A Home For Everyone) Playbutton Compilation

Charity compilation for the residents of Northeastern Japan. Playbutton is a badge / media player with a built-in headphones socket.

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This compilation in support of the residents of north-eastern Japan comes out one year on from the tsunami that hit the coast on March 11th 2011. There have been many fundraising efforts over the last year but some projects are still in the balance.

One such project particularly close to our hearts here at Sonore, is Minna No Ie (A Home For Everyone). This project, to build a house open to all, aims to provide somewhere for the residents of the areas of the north-eastern Japanese coast devastated by the catastrophe to come to meet and talk and work out their future together.

A first house of this kind has been built by celebrated Japanese architect Tôyô Itô at Sendai in Miyagi prefecture. A second is planned at Rikuzentakata in Iwate prefecture but EUR 50,000 is still required to complete construction. Tôyô Itô and some young Japanese architects have created Kishin No Kai, an association to raise the remaining funds required.

In partnership with monthly Zoom Japon, Japonaide and Parte, the label Sonore is participating in the financing of this house by producing a playbutton (a wearable badge / audio player).

12 Japanese electronic and experimental musicians have also lent their support. Buying this original compilation will both introduce you to some innovative musicians and allow you to send support to the residents of the region of Tôhoku.

The profits from the sale of the compilation will be sent to the Kishin No Kai association via Japonaide.

More info about Minna No Ie / A Home For Everyone and Japonaide: http://japonaide.org/2012/02/minnano-ie-en/

Playbutton is a badge / media player measuring 4.5 cm across.
It comes with a built in headphones socket and uses OGG.

Tracklist :

01. Boredoms - Super You
02. Jemapur - Untitled
03. hamaYôko - Tsumetai Tsuki
04. Satanicpornocultshop - Usotsuki
05. Nao Suzuki (Chimidoro) - Fûkei in Japan
06. de!nial - Minus Algorhythm
07. Akane Hosaka - 1!2!Sports
08. Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife) - Beyond The Shell
09. Maruosa - Catchpulse
10. ECD - Recording Report (Hangenpatsu Remix)
11. Oorutaichi - Misen Gymnastics
12. DODDODO - Neko Ga Nya-tte, Inu Ga Wan!

Curated by Franck Stofer (Sonore / Jaapan)
Mastering by Lupo at Duplates & Mastering, Berlin
Manufactured by Playbutton / Parte
Design by Reiko Nakamura

SONORE, SON-30, 2012


01. Boredoms - Super You Produced, recorded and mixed by Boredoms.
Excerpt from Super æ (Warner Music Japan, 1998)

02. Jemapur - Untitled
Produced, recorded and mixed by Jemapur. Excerpt from Rad (Saluut 2011)

03. hamaYôko - Tsumetai Tsuki
Produced and recorded by Yoko Higashi. Mixed by Yoko Higashi and Lionel Marchetti.
Excerpt from This Is The Movie (Nuun Records, 2011)

04. Satanicpornocultshop - Usotsuki
Produced, recorded and mixed by Satanicpornocultshop.
Excerpt from Others' Salivas Are Dirty Though My Saliva Is Not Dirty (NuNuLAXNuLAN, 2011)

05. Nao Suzuki (Chimidoro) - Fûkei in Japan
Produced, recorded and mixed by Nao Suzuki. Featuring Ichinomiya (Chimidoro).

06. de!nial - Minus Algorhythm
Produced, recorded and mixed by Wolf Sakazaki.
Excerpt from Compilation of Kojin Tousatsu Records (Koijin Tousatsu Records, 2009)

07. Akane Hosaka - 1!2!Sports
Produced, recorded and mixed by Akane Hosaka.
Excerpt from Electric For Small Drop Channel (2004)

08. Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife) - Beyond The Shell
Produced and programmed using SuperCollider by Takeko Akamatsu.

09. Maruosa - Catchpulse
Produced and recorded by Maruosa. Mixed by Taishin Inoue.
Excerpt from EXSTREAM!!!!!!!!! (RENDAREC, 2011)

10. ECD - Recording Report (Hangenpatsu Remix)
Produced and recorded by ECD. Additional elements by The Anticipation Illicit Tsuboi.
Mixed by Illicit Tsuboi @ RDS Toritsudai (Final Junky, 2011)

11. Oorutaichi - Misen Gymnastics
Produced, recorded and mixed by Oorutaichi.
Excerpt from Drifting My Folklore (Okimi Records, 2007)

12. DODDODO - Neko Ga Nya-tte, Inu Ga Wan
Produced, recorded and mixed by DODDODO.
Excerpt from Limited Express (Has Gone) X DODDODO Split CD (Less Than TV, 2008)


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